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300 USD

Solid-Faced Canvas Prints • Genuine Artist Canvas • Patented, Warp-Resistant Construction • Eight-Color InkJet Canvas Printing • Ready to Hang • Sealed Finish Backing • Mounted on High-Density Wood Fiberboard • Made in the USA

Canadian American artist Brad Rhadwood is an artist who salvages wood in a style he's dubbed "Wood Whsipering." For this medium, he uses the naturally occurring elements found in wood to create whimsical "Derpy" creatures & critters. He considers his work collaborative with the wood itself being a major contributor to how each piece manifests. “Sometimes I begin the conversation with an idea or intention, sometimes the wood does all the talking. Letting the wood speak is equally as important (usually more) than anything I have to say." Knots are the beginning to every piece. His light down the rabbit hole, the key to a magical garden.This transformative art form turns the natural into the super natural inviting the viewer to see wood in a new way.